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Spring session runs January 8th - April 26th
Summer session runs May 20th - August 16th
Co-op named a Top 100 Internship Program in 2022

To make the Top 100 list, internship programs from across the country were judged on the following criteria:

  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Compensation & perks
  • Program orientation & structure
  • Career development for interns
  • Full-time employment prospects
  • Company culture & engagement
  • Unique aspects of the program

We are very proud of this accomplishment and will continue to utilize the feedback from our interns to make the program better and better each year.

What makes the Co-op Internship Program special?

Hear from Becca Albright on her experience as a Summer 2022 intern. Becca joined the Client Relationships team and was hired to continue with Co-op at the end of her internship. 

Benefits of being a Co-op Intern

Expanded network
We have 1,800 employees across the country and you will be encouraged and supported in networking with indviduals throughout the organization to grow your professional network.
Cutting-edge technology
You will get exposure to the latest technology in the industry and experts who use it daily. You will have the opportunity to apply technical skills you already have as well as learn new ones.
Paid internship
Our interns provide great value to the organization, so we make sure to pay them competitively for their contributions. All Co-op internships are paid. 
Individualized learning plan 
Each intern is provided a learning plan created specifically based on your strengths and interests. As part of this, you can shadow other departments or teams that interest you.
Support along the way
Your internship coordinator will check-in with you throughout the process to ensure you are supported and your questions are answered. They will also lead weekly professional development sessions to support your learning.
Exposure to leadership 
All interns give a final presentation on their experience to managers, fellow interns, and members of our executive team. We also have a Chat with an Executive series where you can ask our executives anything!

Hear from our employees that started as interns

What surprised you about Co-op and the internship program?

What surprised me most was how flexible and welcoming everyone was. My manager gave me a lot of flexibility in when I worked and how I got my responsibilities done. I was also surprised with how much "work" I got to do. You often hear of interns not being able to contibute much, but that was not the case here!

Emily Beckman, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist
​​​​​​​Summer 2020 Intern
What made you choose Co-op as the place you wanted to intern?

It was a combination of two things that led me to Co-op: recruiters and the company's reputation. I had two great interactions with Co-op recruiters at the career fair and in my classroom. After doing some research and speaking to a couple current employees, a theme emerged. Co-op treats their employees with respect and invests in them through training and opportunities. 

Scott Jennings, Service Desk Specialist 
Summer 2022 Intern
How has the internship at Co-op prepared you for the future/your career goals?

I joined the program following my sophomore year. I had no idea if I was interested in Marketing, Sales, Communications, or something else in-between. My internship exposed me to different departments within Co-op and I got to work with leaders from all over the company. Since being hired at the end of my internship, I have been exposed to more within Co-op and can now identify what I want to do in the future here!

Brooke Folkers, Sales Operations Specialist
Summer 2021 Intern
What do you enjoy about working at Co-op?

What I enjoy about working at Co-op is that you're not treated like an employee- you're treated like a person, and they understand the importance of work/life balance.

Antonio Campos, Service Desk Specialist
Summer 2022 Intern
Trainee Program
New in May 2023, Co-op launched a Trainee Program. This 9-12 month rotational program will target recent graduates to prepare them for specific roles within particular organizations at Co-op. Our first group of Trainees are currently supporting our CRO. We have plans to eventually grow the program in Technology. More to come on this exciting opportunity!